Rajeev Ronanki

The individual choices we make build momentum with each turn of the flywheel. Eventually, if we are all turning together, the momentum becomes not just self-reinforcing but the very wind at our backs.

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Rajeev Ronanki | Technologist, Author, and Healthcare Leader

Rajeev Ronanki is changing the way we think about healthcare by exponentially accelerating how AI and blockchain solutions will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

As a boy in Hyderabad, India, Rajeev would watch American TV shows like Star Trek with his mother. He remembers to this day the fascination he had with science fiction. “It was magic rendered in the language of science,” he recalls. “What separates science fiction from fantasy is its plausibility. Being a pragmatic person, I have always been more drawn to the plausible.”

Rajeev and his family

Rajeev’s passion for technology drove him to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Osmania University and a master’s in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania. His education provided an academic understanding of exponential technologies which deepened his appreciation for the concepts and devices he grew up watching. These exponential technologies have quickened the pace for innovation by bringing the future into our hands faster than we could have imagined. Given the quick pace, Rajeev saw how individuals were leveraging exponential technologies to deliver groundbreaking results, and he knew that the healthcare industry was ready for an AI-driven revolution.

Before joining Lyric, Rajeev led the transformation of Elevance Health (formerly Anthem) from a traditional insurance company to a digital platform for health as President of Carelon Digital Platforms. Prior to that, Rajeev was a partner at Deloitte Consulting where he spearheaded a myriad of technological healthcare innovations. Today, he is delivering proactive, predictive, and personalized healthcare to his organization’s 40 million members by implementing an AI-first approach. Through AI, blockchain, big data processing, and a plethora of other exponential technologies, Rajeev is developing solutions for the biggest issues facing healthcare providers today.

Rajeev is a frequent contributor to Forbes and other publications, writing about the healthcare industry and the disruptive technologies he sees as the future. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kelly, and puppy, Rigley.

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