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As a technologist in the healthcare space, Rajeev Ronanki’s work is dedicated to current and future exponential technologies that are reshaping society. In his book—which represents his futuristic and analytical approach to life—Rajeev explores how adoption and implementation of AI, blockchain, and big data processing will help transform the American healthcare system from costly and inefficient to one that delivers personalized, proactive, and predictive care at a lower cost.

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About Rajeev

Rajeev Ronanki | Technologist, Author, and Healthcare Leader

Rajeev Ronanki is a visionary leader that is exponentially accelerating the AI-driven revolution occurring in the healthcare industry. As an author and technology leader in an organization that provides services for over 40 million members, his thoughts and innovations are impacting countless individuals.

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About the Book

You And AI: A Citizen’s Guide

You and AI examines how exponential technologies have impacted our lives today and continue to influence a reimagined future. Ronanki’s ultimate destination in You and AI is the incredible future he envisions through the refinement and mass adoption of AI, blockchain, and related technologies by businesses, governments, and specialized services like healthcare. The result: AI-first organizations that create a more informed and abundant future for all.

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Lecture and Public Speaking


Bringing the often nebulous and abstract implications of exponential technologies out of the ether and into practice, Rajeev’s inspiring keynote programs centered around AI, machine learning, big data processing, and blockchain empower leaders to build AI-first organizations that are ready for a transformative future.

I invite you to join and explore what is unfolding at this very moment, a future that is faster — and better — than you ever thought possible.
Peter H. Diamandis, MD

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You and AI: A Citizen’s Guide to AI, Blockchain, and Puzzling Together the Future of Healthcare